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Criminal records, especially felony convictions, can have a damaging impact on many areas of an individual’s life, including obtaining employment, housing, student loans, federal benefits, licenses and gun permits, as well as international travel.

Erasure of a criminal record, also known as a pardon, is a way to invest in the future. The lawyers at the New Haven law firm Knight & Cerritelli, LLC, know the pardon process well and can offer guidance through this complex process.

  • Full expungement pardon: This type of pardon erases the entire criminal record.
  • Provisional pardon: This kind of pardon prevents employers from accessing criminal records.

The firm represents clients before the Board of Pardons and Paroles. While it is not required to have any attorney represent you, it is strongly advised. The process is complicated and burdensome. Often, people try to obtain pardons on their own and are denied. Unfortunately, there is a year wait before one can apply again. The lawyers here assist by ensuring that the application is complete, professional and persuasive, and it contains all the necessary supporting documentation. Additionally the lawyers will prepare and argue the petition before the Board of Pardons.

The attorneys at Knight & Cerritelli handle every aspect of pardon applications and keep each client informed at all times.

Contact Knight & Cerritelli for assistance in beginning the pardon process.

Connecticut Attorneys Handling Expungements and Pardons

Knight & Cerritelli does not charge for an initial consultation. Appointments can be made by calling the New Haven office at (203) 624-6115 or by contacting the firm online here. The attorneys at Knight & Cerritelli have flexible schedules to accommodate their clients and can make home or jail visits if needed. The firm accepts Visa and MasterCard. All calls and inquiries are confidential, and telephone calls will be promptly returned.

If you would like to learn more about Pardons and the various services we provide, call (203) 624-6115 to schedule a consultation.